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Our Promise

To Our Studio Owners:

A Constant Line of Communication


Online Registration


Video Adjudication


Personal Experience with Faculty


Studio Incentives - Regardless of Studio Size.


Teachers Lounge at Every Competition! 


Welcome Package!

Fair judging! We do not care about the number of routines or students. Studios with 7 dances will be treated the same as studios with 70 dances. 


Age Levels- we have smaller age divisions! There is a huge difference between a 15-year-old dancer and a 19-year-old dancer....we get that!

To Our Dancers:

A Fun and Professional 

Environment for you to grow in.

Judges that Smile at You While You Are Competing!


Awards that You Can Be Proud of!


Onstage Games During 

Judges Breaks for the Dancers!!


Free Water!


A Gift for Every Dancer!


A Competitive Environment with a Positive Experience For  All!

To Our Dance Parents:

Sunday nights- Not Happening! Children have school the next day and need to get home! And who wants to take the stage at 8:00am on a Saturday morning? Not us!! We promise to not overbook to make a buck!

Levels- Oh the treaded “hours in the studio” debate! We get it!! Dances are based on hours as a guideline, however, certain skills listed on our Rules Page, along with judges discretion will play a large factor! Judges will move dances clearly misplaced. Those dances will no longer be able to receive an overall placement but will dance for adjudication only!


MOSTLY, We Promise to Love Your Children as They Are Our Own! 

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